Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Power of Music

Music is powerful.

It's always amazed me how a plucked or rubbed string, air passed through metal tubes, the pounding of a pair of sticks, or the perfect vibration of the human vocal cords, has the ability to seep deep into the reaches of my soul and stir incredible, unexplainable feelings.

For as long as I can remember music has inspired me. Music creates mood, enhances joy or sorrow, instills motivation, opens the doors of creativity in all aspects.

When I paint, I love to listen to Classical music--no words, just the flow and ebb of  notes carefully composed with the intention of evoking a specific emotion in the listener. The brush in my hand seems to take on a mind of its own as the music turns into colorful ideas.

When I write, I love to listen to movie soundtracks. Each piece in a soundtrack was written for a specific purpose--whether it is to increase the dramatic tension or action in a scene, or to engender an emotional response such as regret, sadness, pain, joy, or love. Can you imagine watching a movie without the background music? Every time I watch Batman Begins and I hear "Nycteris" my heart starts to pound. In We Bought a Zoo, "Why Not?" brings tears to my eyes every time. At the end of August Rush when August is finally able to take what has been in his heart and portray it in his Rhapsody I feel like anything is possible!

I doubt I would be able to write a single word if it weren't for the genius of Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, James Horner, Steve Jablonsky, John Williams, and Jonsi--just to name a few.

Nearly every scene in The Ninth Chosen: The Shadow Prison, was written to a track from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, August Rush, and Transformers.

Book Two in the Ninth series seems to be thriving on tracks from Man of Steel, We Bought a Zoo, After Earth, and The Dark Knight Rises.

I owe a lot to the amazing individuals who can take something from their heart, and turn it into something that has the power to touch mine.

Just for fun, I've included a few YouTube videos of some of my all time favorite tracks.


Batman Begins: Nycteris

We Bought a Zoo: Why Not?

August Rush: August's Rhapsody