Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy Dreams

Well, I finally did it.

Nope, not lose my mind--that happened years ago:). No, I decided to chase a dream, a crazy, silly dream that started when I was really young. It's one of those dreams you hold close to your heart and don't ever tell anyone because they might tell you it's a stupid dream and break your heart.

It all started in a little secret hideout under my bed where I used to escape reality by climbing into the cupboard with Lucy to meet Mr. Tumnus, or by stepping into Middle Earth to ride on the shoulders of Treebeard through Fangorn Forest. I would nuzzle under my bed with a book, a flashlight, and a bag of cookies. No one would bother me for hours. It was bliss.

When I was twelve I started writing my first book . . . It never made it past the first chapter:). Since that time I allowed doubt and fear to keep me from sharing my love of writing with the outside world. Only in the last few years, through a series of events that I cannot completely explain, have I begun to crack open my shell of insecurity, poke my toe out, and attempt writing for more than just personal therapy.

Because of the advice from some pretty amazing people, I'm attempting a blog. I don't promise to be any good at it, but I'm going to give it a try. I guess I've finally decided that, crazy or not, it's time to let the world decide if my writing is really a gift or a curse.

I'm so grateful to those of you who have been examples to me throughout my life and have walked this journey with me and continually encourage and support me.

This blog is for all of you.

If I can inspire or entertain even one of you, then it will be worth all the rejection the world can dish out.

I hope you can look past my grammar issues and enjoy.



  1. Can't wait to follow your journey. Take me away Kelly!


  2. Hi, Kelly, I saw you in the Long Ridge news letter and decided to check out your blog. So far it looks great. I began my blog last April and it's not always easy coming up with good content, but I try. I really enjoy it and I know you will too.