Saturday, May 18, 2013

Editing Life

Sorry it's been a while. I've been researching, tweaking plot structure, and brainstorming chapter outlines for Book Two in The Ninth series. It's kept me busy:).

Coming up with post ideas isn't always easy, and like most of my posts, today's idea stemmed from life. As I've begun to dedicate much of my free time to my passion for writing, I've recognized the need to "edit" my life.

I think editing isn't just something writers do; it's something we all do. Probably on a daily basis. We make choices and decisions based on what we feel we want and need and we cut out those things we don't--most of the time. Sometimes we hang onto things that drag us down out of habit or convoluted ideas that we are somehow responsible for the happiness of others.

I follow this really amazing lady on Pinterest and by email. Her name is Diane Henkler and she's awesome! She can take anything and make it beautiful, and with her craftiness she always shares some words of wisdom.

This particular post of hers stuck with me. I ended up making a list of my own.
I hope you decide to read Diane's post. Maybe it will help you have the desire to create a list of your own, and edit those things in your life that might be stopping you from experiencing life for its real purpose.

Here's my list:

More of what is right for me:
  • Family time
  • Time to create/develop my talents
  • Time to excercise
  • More "light"
  • More of the "right" details
  • More simplicity
  • More confidence
  • More spontaneity
  • Make the mundane more fun
  • Embracing my beliefs
  • Scheduled "me" time
More focus on what is important:
  • Family
  • Serving others (using my talents to help and/or entertain others)
More of what I desire:
  • Time to create: Writing, painting, drawing, building things, working in the yard
  • Time to relax: Enjoying nature, reading, movies
  • Getting healthy
 Less of what I don't need/want:
  • People who undervalue or under-appreciate me--stop worrying about pleasing them
  • Not being comfortable with who I am. I'm different than those around me and that's okay
  • Wasting time on worrying
  • Loathing daily chores--make them more fun
More confidence to say "no" to the things that just don't fit:
  • Stop scheduling things just to appease the unnecessary when it is inconvenient to me or my family  
Have a great day!