Wednesday, July 3, 2013


*a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view.
*a measured or objective assessment of a situation, giving all aspects their comparative importance.
*the appearance of objects to an observer allowing for the effect of their distance from the observer.
*allowance for artistic perspective when drawing or painting.

Perspective is a word that gets used a lot for different reasons. I've been thinking a lot about perspective lately, and not just when I am drawing or painting. I'm sad to admit that it can take devastating, or just frustrating, events to make me open my eyes, reassess my life, and give "all aspects their comparative importance". . . . A family member is given news about his current state of wellness, that if not changed, will shorten his life; Innocent people lose their lives while watching and cheering a marathon...And so many other eye-opening things. Human frailties and imperfections spawn bitterness, hatred, fear, and an unwiliingness to forgive. How much of life's challenges and trials would be easier to bear if we faced them with the right perspective?If we could see each other as imperfect beings doing the best we can, and forgive one another?

I don't know. Maybe nothing would change. But I'm determined to try a little harder, put things in my life in the proper perspective--most important first with the most detail, least important in the distance with less attention to detail, until its time comes.

A friend recently sent me this great quote:

"To be happy in life, you must learn the difference between what you want vs. need."

Let me add a little to that,

To be happy in life we need to put what we want and what we need in the proper perspective. God desires that we have what we want as well as what we need. So, as long as we go about our achieving and obtaining in such a way that our perspective remains true to the gifts and love that are bestowed upon us every single day, we can discover that our wants usually encompass what we truly need . . . a balanced, happy, life.