Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Winter Blues Anyone???

I’ve said it before. I struggle in the winter. Especially in January. Christmas is over, the cheery lights come down, the snow turns from white to murky mush, it gets sooooo cold, and I always set resolutions I can’t (or don’t) stick with—so in follows the guilt to top it off!

A friend of mine (who loves winter as much as I do) shared a post with me from musician Hilary Weeks. I LOVED IT! She not only describes my January feelings perfectly, she offers inspiration and daily activities to help stave off the winter blues.

It's a godsend, seriously. It has not been an easy winter so far at the Parkinson house—everyone caught the nasty cold going around, I broke out in hives from an allergic reaction to medication (that are taking forever to go away), and my Jeep suffered a major breakdown (transmission--ugh)… Amidst the boogers, hives, and being stuck in the house, I really, REALLY, need a reason to enjoy January. Thank heaven for inspired friends!!!  

So instead of trying to come up with a blog post when my brain is way too close to melt down, I’ve decided to instead focus on Hilary’s Joy in January plan and recoup. If any of you out there also struggle with winter blah’s and would like to try this with me, here’s the link to Hilary’s post and free download (if you want to print off the activities) and here’s the link to the $2.99 “clicker” Hilary sells (that you see me wearing in the picture), if you'd like one.

Here’s to a happy and joy filled 2018!!!!