Saturday, June 13, 2015

Yep, I'm still here:)

It's been forever!!!

I haven't put up a personal post in a very, very long time....


Writing books takes a lot of time:). I can't believe how hard it's been to balance my time between writing, promoting, attending conferences and signings, church responsibilities, and family needs. I've really had to prioritize.

Why am I taking the time to write today?

My husband is at work, my oldest is off work and enjoying that fact by getting lost in the video game world, and my youngest is currently in a Netflix coma...which would normally mean I'd be writing but, I finally finished the first full revision of The Keeper of the Last! So instead, while it's in the hands of my beta readers, I'm trying to squeeze in all the things I've put off for the last several months.

I've actually done yard work, cleaned my kitchen and bathrooms with more than just a disinfectant wipe--yeah, I know, I probably shouldn't have admitted that one--and I've almost caught up on my reading.... Maybe I'll even get to dabble with some of my other writing projects in between edits. Hmmm, that sounds nice:)

A quick list of what's happening in the next few months:

Indie Author Hub Conference June 19-20  I'm super excited about this. I get to attend awesome classes and meet other Indie authors. The Shadow Prison will be in the conference bookstore and I'll be part of a mass book signing at the end of the conference

The Shadow Prison has a new cover so I'll be selling deeply discounted copies of the print books I have in stock with the original cover. The eBook will also be part of several online blog and web promotions throughout the summer in anticipation for the release of The Keeper of the Last

The Keeper of the Last Launch Party! The final date isn't set--hopefully September--but there are a lot of fun things planned and hopefully we'll have a bigger venue this year allowing more room to mix and mingle.

Happy Summer!!!!!