Monday, June 6, 2016

Enter to Win a Radia Shard Necklace from The Chosen Chronicles!

Enter to win a free Radia Shard necklace!

Contest begins June 6, 2016 and ends July 6, 2016

When I signed a contract with my publisher they asked if they could create the Radia Shard necklaces the characters wear in the book. Of course I said yes! They have finally arrived and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share these awesome necklaces with two of my fans!! 

If you have read The Chosen Chronicles: A Chosen Life, you know all about the Radia Shard, if you haven’t yet, then here’s a little background:
The Radia Star was once a powerful follower of Light. As she died, she transferred her power into crystal shards that she sent to Earth’s Watchers. Wise and humble, Watchers were best suited to be the guardians of the shards. As darkness grew, and the alliance broke between humans and Hidden-kind, the shards split in two and one half disappeared. The Watchers soon discovered that the Light had selected human children to be given a single gift through the broken piece of their shards. When the children put on the shards they could do extraordinary things, and the creatures of darkness could not hide from their sight. These children became the Chosen…destined to protect the world from the evil devices of the Dark.
You have been Chosen… Will you accept your destiny?
“Within every being lies the potential for greatness. But that greatness remains latent until the individual discovers their own possibilities through their experiences. A Radia Shard can see the potential within its bearer before the bearer sees it within themselves… It takes that potential and magnifies it beyond imagining…” -Forrest Bastian, Watcher

Rules and Disclaimer:
Only one entry per person, unless you share the contest, at which time you will automatically receive additional entries (Example: If you share the contest on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts you will receive 4 total entries into the contest). Please whitelist or add k.a.parkinsonauthorATgmailDOTcom to your contacts to ensure you receive notification should you win.
Email addresses remain confidential and you will not receive any correspondence from K.A.Parkinson unless you win the contest. Shipping is covered in the contest. You are not required to pay any money to enter or win.

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