Monday, February 22, 2016

A Chosen Life Book Trailer

Dark Forces Have Awakened!

The book trailer for A Chosen Life is here!

The Chosen Chronicles: A Chosen Life


      Snowy Peaks Media is doing an amazing job with everything. They have so many awesome plans to launch this book it makes my head spin--with total excitement! 

      In my last newsletter I talked about how the publishing process is like a marathon, with all the sprints, hurdles, and knee scraping crashes you'd expect. (Are there hurdles in a marathon....? Hmmm, well either way, my race to the publishing finish has them:).

      As crazy as the process has been I LOVE IT! I love seeing the words keyed from my computer put together into a beautiful layout that is more than I could have imagined. My new bud KayLynn did an amazing job on the interior that makes my heart sing. Seriously, when I look at the chapter headings and the super cool images, my heart totally starts pounding. Deborah Bradseth, friend and genius, created a cover that says so much about what is inside the story. I call her a genius because it's truly genius how she manages to take a few paragraphs of story description and turn it into an image that shows it all. She never ceases to amaze me with what she creates. Heather, editor extraordinaire, brought out more in me as a writer than I knew I was capable of. Everyone should be as lucky to work with such an amazing person. She had a vision of where this story could go, and believed that I could do it. She never told me what to write, she was more of a glorified cheerleader with an incredible eye for needed detail. Her emails were mostly things like, Hey Kelly, this is awesome, how about you add another five more paragraphs of action so we can see these characters really come to life?  I never felt like she was intruding on my writing style, only encouraging it to blossom. 

      I feel truly humbled as this comes together. Even though deep down I always wanted this to happen, I never believed that it actually would. I am so grateful to everyone who has ran this race with me. I hope you enjoy this little trailer. One more sweet reward in the process! You can also check out my event schedule here to see if I'll be in your area during the launch month!


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