Short Stories

"I never exactly made a book. It's rather like taking dictation. I was given things to say." C.S. Lewis

*If you decide to try out my "shorts", you might want to read this introduction first*

I come from a very diverse religious background. My father was raised Baptist and my mother raised LDS (Mormon). My Grandma is a very devout Baptist and I thoroughly enjoy trying to explain terms like "funeral"  potatoes, and why them "damn" Mormons pop out children like they are trying to single-handedly repopulate the world. I adore my Grandma. I love my diverse family. They all contribute great things to this blue planet. I truly believe that everyone should be allowed to worship, how, where, and whatever they desire. It's what this country stands for, right?

I was told once that if I talk about my faith it's a career killer. Well, my beliefs make up who I am so everything I do has a tendency to mirror what I believe. I hope you can feel a little bit of what I felt when I was writing them.

Note:  Most of these stories were written when I was just beginning to brave sharing my work, so yeah, they're not fabulously written. I hope you can forgive all my grammar and novice craft mistakes and enjoy the message intended.

Crossing Paths With Angels is the only short story I have attempted, and surprisingly succeeded in publishing. It was a writing assignment for my Breaking Into Print course and I wrote it after a devastating miscarriage. I didn't intend on trying to have it published since I wrote it mostly for my own therapy. But my instructor strongly encouraged me to try to have it published. After four rejections, a small Free Methodist publisher asked me to condense it to fit in their Sunday pass-along pamphlets. She told me she felt it could help many hurting readers. That was the best complement ever. I condensed it and she bought it. The version here is the full, not the condensed, version of the story.

A Little Grace was originally written for a youth activity held at a retirement home. I later used it for an assignment and had the help of my instructor to edit it. My Great Grandpa was a WWI veteran, my Grandpa is a WWII veteran, and my Dad is a Vietnam veteran. This story is written in the first person perspective of a WWII vet. I hope that my experience with the amazing men in my life makes this story relate-able and accurate.

Finding Hope On a Bench , Sweetest Words Unspoken , and Making a Somebody Out of a Nobody , were all writing assignments. The inspiration for Making a Somebody came from a youth activity I did using similar experiments the counselor in the story used with Miracle--it was a success and led to this story.

Something to Believe In  was written for a youth camp activity. We passed around little battery powered candles to the girls during the reading. It was a blast.


  1. Hi Kelly How do I get to your novel I am a computer failure

    1. Lol, no you're just like the rest of us:). If you're using a normal computer: from the "Home" page click on the "My Novel" page. If you're using a mobile device: click on the "Home" button at the top of the page and it should drop down a menu, from there you can select "Novel Page". That should take you to my first two chapters. Thanks Yvonne for taking a peek!