Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Only Girl...

I’m the youngest in my family, and the only girl. When I was little I loved pretending to be a hairstylist. I often got in trouble for cutting my dolls hair, my hair, and (unfortunately for them) my friends hair. I also learned the hard way that Barbie’s hair is made of plastic and shouldn’t be curled with a curling iron…
When I was in high school I went to beauty school, worked as a receptionist in a salon, and by my senior year I was working full time as a stylist. Loved it. Thought I would do it forever. I looked forward to having my own little girls with hair to play with.
Fast forward a few years and two little boys (and still the only girl) later, I was no longer working as a hairstylist, my own hair spent more time in a pony-tail than done, and I learned something. Little boys are AWESOME!!! Thank goodness I had two older brothers so I was used to mud-fights, buckets of energy, and teasing… lots and lots of teasing.
Fast forward a few more years and two teenage boys later (and still the only girl—unless you count a cat and 5 hens), I do the occasional hair cut for friends and family, my hair is fixed a tiny bit more often than it used to be (but still spends a lot of time in a pony-tail since my current occupation has me parked in front of a computer), and I know my teenage boys are AWESOME!!!
Seriously, I never knew how much I would love being a mom to two awesome boys until it happened. Being the only girl with two older brothers I always wished for a little sister and one day little girls of my own. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I would adore a sister (although friends tell me theirs drive them insane), and my own little girls, but I have no regrets. My brothers are some of my best friends and my boys fill me with so much joy!
The other night my 14-year-old asked me to teach him how to shave. (No, he doesn’t have a ton of facial hair, just enough wonky fuzzies to drive him crazy.)
Thank goodness for my years as a stylistšŸ˜‚.
It was so much fun! We bought shaving cream and plastered his face with it. I shaved one side of his face to show him how and then he shaved the other. It was actually hard not to cry as I sat there watching him glide the razor over his little baby face. I pictured his one-year-old self: chubby little cheeks, white blond hair, big blue eyes, always wearing only one sock… Priceless.
As my oldest gets ready for college (he’s had two acceptances, and two scholarship offers so far…) and my heart aches at the idea of him leaving, I can’t help but go over the years and feel so much gratitude for the fact that God obviously knows me so much better than I know myself.
I had two boys, lost a baby and the opportunity to have any more. But not even in the tiniest way do I feel cheated. The complete opposite in fact. I am so incredibly blessed to have my two little miracles.
My life is so full.
Hard. Scary. Frustrating. Yes. Yes. And Yes.
Full includes all those, and that’s okay. It’s those moments that make me really appreciate the Joy. Peace. Love. Compassion. And messy perfection.

Being the only girl isn’t so badšŸ˜Š.

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